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General Class Policies: 

  • Students may arrive a maximum of 10 minutes before the start time for their class, and must be picked up by a parent or authorized guardian no more than 10 minutes after their class ends. 

  • Early arrival or late pick-up beyond the 10 minute window will result in a fee of $10/15 minutes. 

  • Parents may not remain in the studio during classes. 

  •  StudioUs is not responsible for damage to any clothing or other personal items resulting from use of class materials. Please dress students in clothing you don’t mind damaging or staining 

  • StudioUs staff reserves the right to remove students from classes for disruptive behavior.
    We maintain a zero-tolerance policy for violence or hate speech of any kind from our students or their parents while attending classes at StudioUs.
    We will discuss behavioral issues with parents should any arise and try to resolve the issue. 

  • Students must silence cell phones during class, and are not permitted to use phones while in class. 

  • The designs for student projects are the property of StudioUs and should not be reproduced by students or their families for other educational or commercial purposes without the consent of StudioUs Director Rachel Myers. 

  • StudioUs may use photos of students and their artwork with their first name and age for promotional purposes. 



1. If a student needs to miss a class, a make-up class will be granted if notice of the absence is given to the office (via email or phone) at least 24 hours before the missed class. 

2. Missed classes without 24 hours’ notice will not be granted to students, with the exception of family or medical emergencies. 

3. Make-up classes may be scheduled for a class of equal length on another day or time than a student’s regularly scheduled class. Make-up classes are subject to availability based on class enrollment. 

4. Make-up classes will be granted for any classes missed as a result from a holiday closure. 

5. Students must be enrolled in classes and current on class tuition in order to use make-up classes. Accumulated make-up classes may not be substituted for class tuition.

6. Make-up classes may only be scheduled once. Missed make-up classes can not be rescheduled or made-up, regardless of notice. 

8. If a student needs to end or suspend enrollment part of the way through a month, a pro-rated monthly tuition can be arranged with the office for the student’s final month. Arrangements must be made prior to the student’s departure. 

9. Class space will not be reserved for students ending or suspending their enrollment. Students must re-enroll and confirm availability of class space with StudioUs before resuming classes. 



1. For the health and safety of our students and teachers, we ask that parents please not bring students to classes if they are sick, or have had a fever or shown symptoms of cold or flu within 24 hours of their class. 

2. Teachers may insist that a student not attend class if they are visibly ill when dropped off at the studio. 

3. Makeup classes will be available for students with illnesses, following the above absence policy. 

4. If a student becomes ill during class, teachers will immediately contact a parent or guardian to arrange pick-up for that student. 




1. Charges for classes are: 1 hour class: $100/month 1.5 hour class: $150/month 

2. Class tuition is due on the first week of each month, on the day of the student’s class. 

3. Monthly invoices will be emailed to the listed Parent #1 on the first of each month prior to the billing cycle. 

4. A late fee of $10 will be assessed for each additional week tuition is unpaid after the second week of the month. 

5. Students’ enrollment will be suspended if tuition is more than 3 weeks past due. Please call the office to arrange payment and restore the students’ enrollment status. A student’s space in the class they were enrolled in will not be held unless arrangements are made with the office. 



1 In the event of an emergency, StudioUs staff will attempt to contact a student’s parent(s) immediately. 

2 If the parent(s) are unreachable after 10 minutes, StudioUs staff will contact the listed emergency contact person. 

3 In the event of a medical emergency, StudioUs may contact emergency medical services prior to attempting to contact the parent(s) or emergency contact. 

4 StudioUs staff may provide emergency medical personnel with contact information for a student’s parents, emergency contact, or doctor. 

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