At-Home Projects

Keep up your art practice at home with some of our favorite drawing projects from StudioUs. We'll share new step-by-step drawing projects here, and are posting a ton of printable coloring pages for all our students to enjoy while they're learning at home!

Visit our google drive folder to download coloring pages, and check back for new drawing projects!

Daily Drawing

Use the arrows to follow the step-by-step instructions for how to complete today's drawing challenge!

YouTube Drawing Lessons

We are working to add two new video drawing tutorials to our YouTube channel every day!
Links for all of our video tutorials will be listed here, so be sure to check back daily!


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Rose Drawing Lesson (Ages 7-12)

Easter Egg Drawing Lesson (All Ages)

Spring Butterfly Drawing Lesson (All Ages)

Dragon Drawing Lesson (Ages 7-12)

Easter Bunny Drawing Lesson (All Ages)

Flamingo Drawing Lesson (Ages 7-12)

Easy Butterfly Drawing Lesson (Ages 4-6)

Tropical Fish Drawing Lesson (Ages 7-12)

Peacock Drawing Lesson (Ages 4-6)

Detailed Butterfly Drawing Lesson (Ages 7-12)

Easy Unicorn Drawing Lesson (Ages 4-6)

Beta Fish Drawing Lesson (Ages 7-12)

Judy Hopps Zootopia Drawing Lesson (Ages 4-6)

Rainbow Unicorn Drawing Lesson (Ages 7-12)

Pikachu Drawing Lesson (Ages 4-6)

Advanced Toucan Drawing Lesson (Ages 7-12)

Easy Tulip Drawing Lesson (Ages 4-6)

Fawn Toucan Drawing Lesson (Ages 7-12)

Lego Batman Drawing Lesson (Ages 4-6)

Orca Drawing Lesson (Ages 7-12)

Easy Lotus Drawing Lesson (Ages 4-6)

Baby Penguin Drawing Lesson (Ages 7-12)