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Workshop Policies:

  • Workshop class times run from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, unless otherwise stated on the sign-up page

  • Students will have two short “snack” breaks, and one lunch break throughout the day. StudioUs will have snacks available for students. Please pack a lunch for your student for their lunch break.

    1. Please inform StudioUs staff of any food allergies or other dietary restrictions your student has prior to the first day of class.

    2. If you prefer that your student bring their own snack, please let our staff know.

  • Workshop projects can be a little messy. We try to work with washable materials when possible, but please dress your student in clothing that you don’t mind getting stains or paint on.

  • StudioUs workshop classes will take place entirely within the StudioUs business space. Students will not leave the premises at any point during the day.

  • If parents plan to have a child care provider pick their student up from class, please inform StudioUs staff at the time of drop-off.

  • Enrollment in workshops at StudioUs implies acceptance of all StudioUs workshop policies.

    General Class Policies:


  • Students may arrive a maximum of 10 minutes before the start time for their class.

  • Students must be picked up by a parent or authorized guardian no more than 10 minutes after their class ends.

  • Parents may not remain in the studio during classes unless they are also enrolled in the class as a student. 

  • StudioUs is not responsible for damage to any clothing or other personal items resulting from use of class materials. Please dress students in clothing you don’t mind damaging or staining.

  • StudioUs staff reserves the right to remove students from classes for disruptive behavior.

    1. We will discuss behavioral issues with parents should any arise and try to resolve the issue.

    2. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy for violence or hate speech of any kind from our students or their parents while attending classes at StudioUs.

  • Students must silence cell phones during class, and are not permitted to use phones while in class.

  • The designs for student projects are the property of StudioUs and should not be reproduced by students or their families for other educational or commercial purposes.

  • StudioUs may use photos of students and their artwork with their first name and age for promotional purposes.

  • Workshops participation is limited to students age five and up. 




  • Because of the limited time frame of StudioUs’ workshops, we are not able to offer make-up classes for students who miss a day of camp.  

  • For multi-day workshops, students missing a day of camp will be able to participate in other camp days. If students miss a multi-day project, StudioUs staff will do everything they can to help the student catch up to their classmates.

  • Class tuition for missed workshop days is not refundable or transferrable.  





  • For the health and safety of our students and teachers, we ask that parents please not bring students to classes if they are sick, or have had a fever or shown symptoms of cold, flu, or any other communicable illness within 24 hours of their class.

  • Teachers may insist that a student not attend class if they are visibly ill when dropped off at the studio.  




  • The cost of all summer workshops is $300 per week-long workshop, unless stated otherwise on the sign-up page. A $60 deposit is required at the time of booking, and the remaining $240 must be paid in full two weeks prior to the first day of the workshop.

  • The cost of all single-day workshops is $60 per student, unless otherwise stated on the sign-up page. Payment if due in full at the time of reservation.

  • Workshops booked at discounted rates to the prices listed above, including early enrollment discounts, are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Workshops booked at our regular prices are subject to the cancellation policy below. 

  • An invoice for your class tuition will be emailed to parents prior to the beginning of your student’s workshop.  Printed invoices are available upon request, and may be picked up at StudioUs or mailed to an address you provide.

  • Cancellation:

    • Single-Day Workshops: You may request a refund for any single-day workshop up to 7 days prior to the workshop date. StudioUs will issue refunds for 95% of the total cost of the class (the remaining 5% covers transaction fees and is not refundable) Refunds or class credit can not be issued for cancellations made less than 7 days prior to the workshop.

    • Summer workshop deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable. You may cancel a week-long workshop up to two weeks before the start of the workshop, after which the full cost of the workshop is due.  




  • In the event of an emergency, StudioUs staff will attempt to contact a student’s parent(s) immediately.

  • If the parent(s) are unreachable after 10 minutes, StudioUs staff will contact the listed emergency contact person.

  • In the event of a medical emergency, StudioUs may contact emergency medical services prior to attempting to contact the parent(s) or emergency contact.

  • StudioUs staff may provide emergency personnel with contact information for a student’s parents, emergency contact, doctor, or any other relevant information about a student.

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